Transnational Meetings

Transnational meetings of project team members are part of the project activities. The purpose of transnational meetings is to bring project participants together for "live" meetings, since this way of working and communication cannot be completely replaced IT communication. Transnational meetings play a major role in maximizing the impact on all partners involved in the project. In addition, direct presence and communication enable participants to learn about the diversity of European cultures and languages, to share experiences and good practices, to apply all of this in their work with students / colleagues on competencies.

During the project, we held four Transnational Meetings, one in each partner country, at which participants were representatives from the project teams of the partner countries, members of host project teams and associated partners. These meetings were crucial for coordinating and implementing the project, for discussing handbook materials, for getting to know the hosts with a view to understanding diversity, for arrangements and discussions for disseminating results.

The goals and activities of our transnational meetings were:

  • communicate directly with project participants, which is the basis for good cooperation
  • share experiences
  • talk on project progress and set the focus for the next the period that lies ahead
  • to solve any problems and difficulties
  • to joint preparation of materials
  • make synergy on the development of the intellectual result of the project
  • visit health facilities and immediate experience to become familiar with the treatment and health care of chronic wounds
  • get acquainted with existing materials and equipment for treat wounds
  • know the health care system of education and the way teaching of chronic wounds
  • to disseminate of project information
  • get to know the host country

video about first transnational meetings


Participants' comments from our Transnational Meetings:

„ Visit was very inspiring, gave us an image about how things can be in other country“

„Partners created a lovely atmosphere which is very important to make a project work“

Wonderful places and wonderful reception

“Increasing productive international collaborations.”

“Invaluable to meet up with our transnational partners, face to face, to discuss about challenges and progress.”

„This project will have a great impact on our schools.”

“Sharing experiences and documents.”

“A lot work in but hugely positive.”

„Thank you.”

„Opportunity to meet and discuss with an international group“

„Sustainability link us“

„I am proud to be part of project“

4th Transanational Meeting

3rd Transanational Meeting

2nd Transanational Meeting

1st Transanational Meeting

Forms for TM

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