Dissemination activities have used to ensure that project activities and project outputs are as visible as possible for the duration and longer term and to raise interest in the use of Erasmus + funds.

Guided by the outputs of our project, the dissemination activities of tangible and intangible project results have focused on disseminating the project’s outputs on purpose to as many individuals as possible in the target groups on understandable way, sending a strong message about the need for lifelong learning and on synergy on education, the labour market and decision-makers.

The dissemination activities and channels that we reach the target groups are:

  • making a visual identity of the project
  • multilingual website
  • organization of lectures, workshops and Multiplier events
  • participation in events organized by other institutions
  • creation of posters, leaflets and presentations
  • publication in journals
  • promotional materials
  • social media posts (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twiter)

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