Multiplier Events

The project team organised four multiplier events. These events were created for the purpose of disseminate information about Manual and activity from different phases of the project and to engage wider stakeholders. Participants were from outside partner institutions from local community.  We held one each Multiplier events in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Dorsten and Gumushacikoy.

Event objectives:

  • Presentation of the Manual for the Contemporary Management of Chronic Wounds
  • Give an overview on modern approach to the treatment of chronic wounds
  • Dissemination of the project and its effects
  • Evaluation and exchange of views for the purpose of feedback on the usefulness of Project results

Participants’ reviews can be summarized as follows:

  • the project added value to schools, future employers and the local community
  • the project expanded cooperation between educational institutions, health care institutions and the sciences
  • the project contributes to the improvement of vocational education
  • the project involves different partners with the same goals which contributes to the quality of the results
  • projects like this can trigger changes in the education system
  • events like this provide participants with experiences that can be applied in their own work
  • events like this are a source of new valuable information
  • we have been to different events but this one has exceeded my expectations
Report Zagreb
Report Ljubljana


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