The activities we carried out during the implementation of the project were divide so that each participant in the project had specific tasks and activities in the following categories:

Project management and implementation has been entrusted to the project coordinators Ira Beck, Latinka Križnik and Marinela Labaš, principals of institutions and the Monitoring committee composed of: CRO – M. Labaš and I. Beck, GER – J. Burzik, SLO – L. Matič and TUR – M. Cakmak

Their activities were:

  • planning
  • organization
  • administrative jobs
  • financial management
  • coordination and communication between partners
  • production of documents, materials and reports
  • translations, proofreading and editorial work on the Manual
  • evaluation
  • disemination

Transnational Meetings – TM

All members of the hosting team and two members from each partner country attended on transnational meetings.

Their activities were:

  • to discuss about project implementation and progress
  • to agree on the content and form of the intellectual result of the project to visit health facilities to experience treatment and immediate experience health for care of chronic wounds
  • to learn about the education system for health care professionals and how to teach about chronic wounds
  • to know the host country

Intellectual Outcome – IO

The intellectual result of our project is the Manual on care of chronic wounds. Content  have done by professional teachers: CRO- Danica Hudin, Nikolina Matić, Suzana Ribarić, Slavica Vučen and Ankica Vukelić, SLO – Lucija Matić, TR-Adnan Yavuz and GER staff members Annette Ortman and Jenifer Burzik.

Their activities were:

  • to be informed about the modern treatment and health care of chronic wounds in healthcare institutions
  • to study literature and other sources of information
  • to write a parts of the contents of the manual according to the agreed methodology
  • to incorporate all the contents into the manual

Transnational Learning, Teaching and Training Activity – LTTA

Five students from the Vrapče School of Nursing, Helena Kalaica, Izidora Sokolović,    Borna Barbaric, Matej Bodalec and Fran Tandarić and five students Secondary Medical Schools Ljubljana, Ana Vesel, Lejla Nakičević, Lejla Salkić, David Pajk and Ammar Seferović, who were accompany by two teachers, Ira Beck and Martina Škrabec, participated in this activity. They spent a week in Turkey on training and improving skills health care on chronic wounds.

Their activities were:

  • to prepare for mobility
  • to acquire additionally knowledge and skills in the management of chronic wounds on mobility in Turkey
  • dissemination of their experiences


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